Open GL <> Mesa

Hello Sirs;

Can someone list out the OpenGL libs and their Mesa equivalents…

For some reason my FreeBasic Linux installation can’t find Mesa libs for lglu and lglut ??
I went to the repository and clicked every box under Mesa and installed everything and it still doesn’t work.

Perhaps these are what you’re after?

I installed both files and GLU & GLUT , I’m still getting compiler errors cannot find “lglut”

Is that the exact error being reported? (Just a guess - perhaps libglut-32bit is also required.)

I did some internet searching and found a sourceforge project called “FreeGlut”

So i looked it up in the software mgr. and found it in the repository.
I downloaded it and now everything glu and glut related compiles okay now.

Thank You!!

Good to know , so others can download FreeGlut for their systems.

Good to know that freeglut is working for you.