Open Bugs Day - Feb 20th

openSUSE Forum Members,

As you all know, we’re closing in on the Final Release of openSUSE 11.4…and so in this last window of bug-fixing we need your help!

The testing team is looking for volunteers to assist with bugzilla: Closing what’s fixed; and confirming what still needs work.

It’s all part of a final push for a great 11.4 final release.

With us clearing out what is fixed, the developers can focus their energies on fixing bugs instead of clicking around bugzilla!

When: All-day February 20th (your local time)
Info: openSUSE:Open-Bugs-Day - openSUSE | More details to be posted here

IRC: #opensuse-testing | Visit this IRC channel if you’d like live assistance, or just to talk with other volunteers during the effort

Check 1 or 100 bugs, even if you cannot on that specific day…any help is much appreciated. If you’d like more details or have questions you can post in this thread, PM me, or check the wiki page for updates.

Thank you.

Just a small remark to “…check the wiki page for updates”: Putting the according wiki article on your wiki watchlist may be a good Idea, too.