open as root in konqueror


I’m looking for a rightclick menu option that says ‘open as root’ (or superuser or whatever). There is such a plugin for konqueror. A used it in mandriva openasroot-kmenu I believe it is called.
Where to find this for OpenSuse 11 (kde 3.5)?

Yast>Applications>System>File Manager>Konquerer Super User.

This is the correct layout in KDE4. I don’t know if it’s the same in KDE3.

For KDE3:
YaST > System > Filemanager > Filemanager (in system management mode)

Please mark, mine is not in english and I tried to translate back, so the wording may be a bit different.

A yes I found those, but I was looking for something in the right click menu, so much more convenient…

Do not need it very much.
But you can always make as many of those buttons as you like on many places in the Kmenu or the Panel or on the desktop.

Not so inconvenient if you create a desktop shortcut.

What I did was to put a ‘open konsole’ icon it in the top bar of konqueror, so whenever I am in a /dir I open in the right place if I need su and password, quick & works fine for me.


What you are looking for, is it a simple context menu option that allows you to open a text file (for example) as root while you are right-clicking on the file as a user from within konqueror?

If yes, there is such a plugin for Konqueror in openSUSE. I use it. Actually I am able to do more than just ope. Here’s what I can do:

*delete any files or folders (“Delete as root”)
*edit any text files, *.desktop, shell, python, perl, ini and superkaramba text files (“Edit as root”)
*open (locked) folders (“Open as root”) and
*run executables, and shell script, python and perl files (“Run as root”)

It is called “Root-menu-sram-1.3.1.tar.bz2” That’s the version I am using, not sure it’s the latest now. You should be able to find it at Applications for your KDE-Desktop -

Very nice Frank :slight_smile:
The latest version is 1.4.0

Yeah you’re welcome. :slight_smile: What’s interesting too is that if you are unhappy with the wording in the context menu, you can still edit the python files (I thinks it’s built under python, can’t recall) and type in the words you want prior to compile. :slight_smile: That’s what I did, works nice.