Oops umnount failed after SuSEconfig --module postfix


under opensuse 11.2 I run the included postfix chrooted. SuSEconfig cares about the installation.

After manually or automatically by Yast executing ‘SuSEconfig --module postfix’ the proc filesystem is mountet to /var/spool/postfix/proc which is imho correct. But then when shutting down the system, ‘/etc/init.d/boot.localfs stop’ tells me with green letters

Oops: unmount failed :frowning: – trying to remount readonly…
extra sync…
… hope now it’s ok to reboot.

This was definitively not the case under 10.3 .
Any ideas about that? I know this is no major bug since everything seems to work at a first glance, but I feel annoyed and have already spent much time to solve it.

By the way, executing ‘/etc/init.d/postfix start’ manually or automatically during boot does not mount the local proc file system. But postfix doc says that if postfix is running chrooted it needs this.

Thank you very much for your interest and time! Hope I also can help you in the near future.


Anyone? :’(