OooBase crashes when creating forms

I am using OpenSuse 11.2 and have installed Open Office from the STABLE repository.

I have connected Open Office Base to a MySql database using JDBC. All tables are visible and accessible. However, as soon as I try to create a form, at the moment I want to connect to the data source (e.g. with the ‘finish’ button) Base crashes and needs to be restarted. Creation of forms is thus impossible

I installed OOo vers because it was happening with as well.

Can anyone tell me if this is a configuration problem with my Open Office? How can I solve this?


If someone could confirm that they **do not **have a similar problem with the OpenSuse 11.2 / Open Office (or configuration then that would at least confirm to me that my configuration is suspect.

If, on the other hand the problem is confirmed by someone else, then perhaps we have a bug!


This happens to me too.
Even After I updated to the problem is still there.

The problem is solved with OOo 3.2