OOO3 Wierdness

I installed 11.1 x64 over 11.0 x64 and all went reasonably well apart from having to patch up some stuff from PM in other to play media files, etc.

One thing: OOO3 wouldn’t run. Starting from the desktop/menu icons, zippo. Start “ooffice” from c/l gave an error:

/usr/bin/ooffice: line 2: /usr/lib64/ooo3/program/soffice: No such file or directory

I tried complete uninstall/reinstall; still nothing. Then I noticed that some of the packages that were being installed were i586 rather than x64. I went through selecting x64 in the versions tab and got further. However, it seems selecting OpenOffice doesn’t automatically choose the application components, so I had to install calc, write, base, draw, etc separately.

Overall, looks like there is something up with the installer or dependency definitions for OOO3.

Working through it …

Seems there is quite a lot of individual OOO3 components to install. Is there not a “one click” install that will include all of the correct platform/language packages for the complete suite?

You may want to try getting rid of the Novell version and downloading the Sun version from

Hi, but before you do that look here Discover Go-OO! to see where the differences are. You can also enable the openoffice repository and see if there are changes to the OOo3 shipped. Good luck!

Can you find in the Factory Mail List archive this thread :

Boyd Lynn Gerber [opensuse-factory] Option on 11.2 to forbid architectures.
date 19 December 2008 18:00

I think “josef reidinger” posts a solution, does that look like what you need to?

Nabble - opensuse-factory - Option on 11.2 to forbid architectures.

Guess this counts as a workaround. I can workaround it; but I think the OOO3 install and the Yast installer could use some fixing …

The thing is, it’s reasonable to install 32bit i586 softare on AMD 64 as it’ll run. I’m not sure why sometimes i586 rpm’s are preferred, but it’s an issue seen by Factory users, and that’s the work round.