only wired internet works, no wireless and mobile

opensuse 10.4 KDE
wired internet works but the network manager is dead, there’s a red network icon with a cross in the panel and opening the manage connections window only the VPN tab works all others are grayed out cant setup any wireless or mobile broadband connection.
on the live cd there was no problem with network management.
any fix?

  1. In YaST, what is controlling your network? Go to YaST -> Network Settings
  2. Can you run hardware info from YaST, what modues are loaded next to Wireless Lan?

I cant see any network settings in yast, I can see devices and hardware information but nothing about what is controlling the network anywhere maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

I think the problem is due to network manager permissions, I tried to change network permissions to any user but it wont allow it, is there any way to run opensuse as root just to see if network management works?

You didn’t look at the right place : yast->Network Devices->Network card

Can you give us this info in terminal :

hwinfo --network


dmesg | grep firmware

okay, I got the problem fixed, it was really simple but why is this happening?
the fix was to change in network settings to network manager user control instead of ifup

That’s what StephenS1949 pointed to you earlier!!! :open_mouth:

Glad it’s fixed. :slight_smile: