Online updates applying

Hello, I’ ve got one question related with software updates: I install OpenSUSE linux via net (not DVD). Ma question is: When update is avaliable for install in our “Online update” tool in linux system, does it immediately implemented in online version of OpenSuSE, or onine version of OpenSUSE linux is just online version of DVD edition of software?

What exactly do you mean with “online version of openSUSE Linux”?

An openSUSE distribution is fixed and frozen when it is released, updates are only offered via a separate Update repo.
So even if you download it later, you still need to apply all updates.
And the NET install CD (if you mean that) doesn’t change that either.

Although it is possible to add the Update repo during the installation, and have it being used at installation time already.
OTOH, the updates consist of delta rpms that only contain the actual changes, so the download sizes should not be that big normally.

This doesn’t apply to Tumbleweed, the rolling distribution, though.
Here, the packages are indeed updated in the main repo, and new DVDs are released everytime something changes.

Your choice to install openSUSE using the NET install only means that the <install sources> are from online repositories instead of a local “offline” source like a DVD. “Online” means that a network connection is required for the remote install sources, since they’re not available “offline” (without a network connection) locally on your machine.

Once openSUSE is installed using whatever install source (online or offline) and preferably updated if using an offline source, your openSUSE is the same however it was installed…

So, that also means that all updates apply that apply to your openSUSE are important and relevant no matter how it was installed.