online update problem


i have installed opensuse 11.1 and

following command does not work in my PC

zypper update

so using yast2 i have gone to congigure online update and

i have enter my novell user name and password

but again it asked for Code for Activate Product/Subscription

and i have enter the activation code which novell provided me

but that doesnot work and following message came

*Unable to activate the subscription. This activation code is invalid. *

so what to do to get code

waiting for your reply

best regards


openSUSE does not require activation
Are you sure it’s not SLED
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) - NOVELL FORUMS

thanks for replying :expressionless:

yes i am using opensuse 11.1

then why it ask Code while updating

and i can’t online update

what is the problem…

and onething i am not using Enterprise version

it’s completely opensuse no doubt on it

so let me help for online update

online install…and get help me to install new repositories

best regards


Open Yast - Software Management
Filter by repository and select the Update Repo from the list on the left.

You can do update all in this list like in this shot:](
But choose ‘If new avail’


thanks for reply

but still when i tried to use this command or something like

vikal:~ # zypper install filezilla

then there comes this messaage.

System management is locked by the application with pid 3833 (/usr/bin/zypper).
Close this application before trying again.

i am getting so tired with this

please help me

best regards


Try quiting the updater applet that runs in your panel. Then try zypper.

please post the output of

zypper sl