Online update filter

I have a question about online updates and would be interested in peoples response.

I have always run YAST - Software - Online Update to keep my system up to date, as opposed to, for example, running “zypper up” from a console.

I have also always only used the default filter “Needed Patches”.

But there are other options available such as “Recommended” and “All Patches”

When I change my filter to “Recommended Patches” there is a whole lot of patches and updates that are obviously not being done using the “Needed Patches” option.

My question is what do most people do? Should we be selecting “Recommended Patches” as a matter of course to keep things up to date?

Thanks for replying.

I usually use the update aplet (not sure what it’s called in plasma 5 it was apper in kde4), but as I have a few extra repo’s occasionally the applet will give me a dependency error in that case I run zypper up so I can see what the error is and chose an apropriate action, I fave never used yast for updating, afaik zypper up updates not only patches but newer rpm’s from 3rd party repo’s like packman.

Once I have applied switches such as to Packman
I just use zypper up

I do not filter the YaST Online Update and thus get all patches and recommendeds. The recommendeds are often repairing real bugs thatt may be a nuisance to many by backporting them from a newver version. Also updatesd to your timezone databse come with them (which can be interesting if you live in one of those countries that change their dailight saving time policy in the last moment).