Online update and "failed to initialize" in 13.1

Online update works fine but after it is finished I always get a pop-up window at the top of my screen saying that something has “failed to initialize” because some PID is locked or locking something etc. Considering that everything is working and the online update does update what is needed, maybe I should not complain <g> but does anyone know from where this annoying pop-up comes and how to fix thing so that it does not keep popping up each time after the online update has completed ?

If you are using KDE, then you get that notification from Apper or from the update-notifier.

You can safely ignore it. The notice is just telling you that your own online updates are locking the database so that the update-notifier cannot get to it.

And when you use YaST Online Update and are not interested in Apper, then switch it off or even deinstall it.

How do I “switch off” Apper ?

“Configure Desktop” → “Startup and Shutdown” → “Service Manager”
and uncheck the box for “Apper”

Next, right click on the tray and select “System Tray Settings”. Then uncheck the box for “Software Updater”.