Online Game - JVM Can't Utilize an Integrated Graphics Card?

I’m trying to play a Java Applet-Based Online Game, but it would seem that the JVM is incapable of utilizing my Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller(s), thus resulting in some very poor performance… Is there any way I can set up Sun Java to actually have access to this hardware, minus spending 7 years learning how to hack my own system?

EDIT: The hardware in question is already utilized in such a manner in WinXP, so if you’re planning on telling me that this is impossible, DON’T!!!

Firstly cool off, secondly it might be an issue with Java of some kind.
Are you on a 64bit kernel?
It might be related to a similar issue my hubby used to have with
The way to remove the issue was to remove openjdk, it helped loads.
Java is very tetchy, even in windows XP… even if it seems optimized it probably wasnt, it might have seemed fine as on windows you probably had regular java preinstalled or installed it on your own.
openSUSE ships openjdk by default as java is not really a open source app, and it might not be legal in some nations to pre install it.
There might be some issues with flash here too, as some java games use flash as a backend and vice versa.

I’m on a 32-bit kernel right now, though my CPU can support a 64-bit, and I’ve already removed openJDK in favor of Sun’s Proprietary JRE (it was a whole lot worse before that). Would upgrading to a 64-bit kernel help possibly help, and if so, how can I do that (I’ve only used Linux for a little while, so I’m not really that experienced).

According to sysinfo, my Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller’s driver is “unknown”… Where can I download the correct driver, and how can I install it?

Can I get an answer to at least one of my previous questions??? And preferably some time this century!?!

Please remember we are all just volunteers here, so it may take some
time for a user with a similar setup to yours passes by.

I suggest since it may be just getting the correct video setup
functioning, perhaps a new thread in the hardware section with details
of your hardware, lspci info etc may help.

Have you had a look at this?

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Sorry about that, yesterday had already been very troublesome for me and I just couldn’t take any more… Anyway, I created a new thread in the Laptop Subforum of the Hardware Forum, which has all the details I’ve gathered thus far, and is located at Java Isn’t Utilizing Integrated Graphics Chipset - openSUSE Forums. Thank you all for your continued support.