Online comics...

What online comics do you enjoy? Let’s talk comics, even the paper kind.

I’ll start with a couple:

The classic:
xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe

And a quirky but engaging serial comic:
Girl Genius Online Comics

Pearls before Swine
Nichtlustig (German)


On Fri, 04 Jul 2008 05:36:03 +0000, kastorff wrote:

> What online comics do you enjoy?

I use Netcomics to download a bunch daily. Userfriendly, Dilbert, and a
bunch that I used to read in the paper when I was a kid - there’s even a
couple I include in the download that are there specifically for me to
skip; I’ve tried not including them in the download, but that somehow
doesn’t feel right - I actually have to download them and explicitly
ignore them as I’m reading the others on the page. I know, it’s stupid,
but there it is.

I also read xkcd and a very little-known comic called “Invisible Me”.
The author had posted a couple to another news server I frequent as a gag

  • a spoof actually of one of the personalities on the group (with his
    consent, natch - he was lamenting that he couldn’t draw, and Gilles said
    that wasn’t a prerequisite to having a good comic, and then
    demonstrated), and I and several others suggested the comics be published
    somewhere. They’ve kept coming about every couple of days - up to #73


XKCD is a good one, and I used to read CAD back in the day.

However, I find myself falling in love again with a Graphic Novel I used to enjoy - The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. It’s great, it is one of those that provokes your mind and gets you thinking.

Death, is a mugs game.

I haven’t really put much effort into finding online comics, I used to like following the Elf Only Inn but that has not been updated for awhile. Dilbert is a fun read, I have a plasmoid streaming it to my KDE 4 desktop.

Anyone reading Alpha Shade? It’s another serial comic I like, but it’s not updated too frequently.

Alpha Shade Pages

My daily rotation:

Sluggy Freelance
Something Positive (on his site he has other comics I read like Super Stupor, Midnight Macabre and S*P 1939)
Questionable Content
Penny Arcade
Player vs Player
Diesel Sweeties
Real Life Comics
Order of the Stick
Punch an Pie

I also highly recommend:

Dr. McNinja
Dinosaur Comics
Perry Bible Fellowship
Queen of Wands
Checkboard Nightmare
Starslip Crisis
Red Meat

My girlfriend and I are both addicted to “Questionable Content”. Interpret that sentence how you will. :wink:

The Bizarre Catedhral from Free Software Magazine
The Bizarre Cathedral - 13

Calvin & Hobbes is my absolute favorite comic. Probably because it hits home so often.

The Far Side is classic and a favorite.

Of course Dilbert is up there in the rankings.

Two Words!

VG Cats!!!

I read 15 regularly-updated comics; my favorites are

  1. Questionable Content
  2. Friendly Hostility (Check out Boy meets Boy, the comic which precedes FH)
  3. Vendetta Comic

because they are awesome

The ones I check every day are:

  • Dilbert (a must to lighten the working day)
  • Userfriendly
  • Control+Alt+Del

I used to read Garfield and Calvin&Hobbes as well.

My favourite is Mother Goose and Grimm :slight_smile:

Ok this is a 2008 thread, over a year ago. Yeah, I am always a bit behind :’(

The only one I keep up with is Garfield. Since I only check it online, well on the desktop with KDE4.3 gadget.

Steve Bell’s If… may make limited sense unless you’re familiar with British politics.

In fact it may make very little sense generally. :slight_smile:

Sorry - should point out that may not always be entirely safe for work (in respect of some swearing).

We are lucky in the US. While we do have political comics, we don’t really need them to make us laugh at our politicians. That is what news is for.

To continue the necroposting…

XKCD is a mainstay. A new comic I came upon is Hark, A vagrant. which is Western-history focused. I also like Toothpaste for Dinner, and the related comic, Natalie Dee.

I also frequent the cheezburger-run sites (i can has cheezburger, i has a hotdog, failblog, etc…) but those really aren’t comics. Still worth a mention. :wink: