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I briefly saw what looked like an advanced version of this while I was trying to run Fedora 16 Alpha…Whenever I try to use the feature in SUSE, nothing happens…I click add, choose twitter/google, and nothing happens…That feature was one of the main reasons I was so adamant to test out 16 in the first place…Has anyone had any experience with this feature and or know how I can get it working?

Perhaps you could provide a hint at what “this” refers to.

On 09/16/2011 05:56 PM, AYHJA wrote:
> I briefly saw what looked like an advanced version of this

what are you talking about?

in what application or program did you see what looked like an advanced
version of what? “Online Accounts”

can you narrow this“Online+Accounts”+-accounting
down a little, i really don’t wanna scan 395,000 hits trying to figure
out what it is you are asking about…

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Hey guys, sorry for not being more specific, I’ll get better…

When you click on System Settings > Personal > Online Accounts](

Once you click it, you are presented with a box to add your online ID’s, which I assume is linked to empathy and evolution…](

In Fedora 16 Alpha, that list is expanded to include Windows Live, Google, Jabber, etc…Once you enter your Google ID for example, it asks for permission to authenticate, and your account is linked to your Linux environment…

When I click the + button to add my Google account, nothing happens…It doesn’t present me with any additional dialog boxes, and it doesn’t list the account there…I can try to boot Fedora 16 if screenshots are necessary…

That’s in GNOME 3, AFAICS. I run GNOME 3 on openSUSE Tumbleweed, and I have these settings. Needless to say they work.

Hey Knurpht, thanks for the heads up…I’ll roll over to Tumbleweed and check that out…

But just to be informed, where does that issue lie…? Is it a shortcoming of Gnome 3 AFAICS…?

Read before you start moving to Tumbleweed. GNOME 3 is in a separate repo, for 11.4 as well as Tumbleweed. As Far As I Know, these social network settings were not available in GNOME 2.32 that came with 11.4.
Another option is KDE, where a lot of apps have options to share things on social networks, cloud services. Enter credentials in one application and the other applications will “know” too.

Just to help out anyone else that is curious, the feature I mentioned can be added in the software manager, its called ‘gnome-online-accounts’