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Have added my Twitter account using the “Online Accounts” app - what exactly does it do? I added my account half an hour ago, but as yet have had no notifications of anything. How exactly does it integrate with Twitter?

Have tried searching online but to no avail.


What? Where?. At least I do not understand what and where you did something in openSUSE. That could be my poblem. But the fact that until now not a single post was added, I wonder if there are more people that simply skipped this thread for lack of information.

Maybe GNOME3 developers don’t think that you need something more. Anyway, I didn’t manage to understand it to.

Where does the word GNOME3 come from. The OP did not even tell what openSUSE level (s)he uses, let alone what desktop.

Maybe I am a bit dumb, because I do not use Gnome. But does that make it unnessecary to tell one has a Gnome probblem when that isi the case. When one tells one has a GNOMe problem in the title of the thread, or at last in the first line of the post, then I go and spend my time elsewhere.

I think they are talking about a Gnome 3 application, so Gnome 3 is implicit in the discussion.

I quit from this thread. When all sort of basic information is “implicit” in this one and a half line of problem description, I will leave this to the more clairvoyants here.

This is about GNOME 3. In the Status Menu there’s an entry for Online Accounts. If you select that you can tell it about a Twitter or a Google account. If you select Twitter it sends you to the relevant Twitter page to get one of those authorisation codes that third party apps can use instead of you having to give them your Twitter password. Once you given that to the Online Accounts thing in GNOME, it knows about your Twitter account.

I’ve done this. Subsequently I’ve poked around in GNOME and I’ve searched on Google. I still have no idea what the afore-described process has achieved. There’s this bit of functionality that you can set up but it is not evident what it does and there doesn’t not appear to be any explanation anywhere of what it actually does or how one makes use of it.


I’m a KDE user. But I also installed Gnome, so as to see what is happening.

When I logged into Gnome, there was an application “Online Accounts” staring me in the face. I had no idea what it was, though I guessed it might have something to do with accessing social networks.

I’m reading this thread mostly to see if it gives me a clue as to what the application does. At present, I haven’t come across any such clues.

If you had not noticed that Gnome application, then this thread would be hard to follow, especially since the OP did not provide the basic context.

So this functionality does do something for at least one person:
How do I disable Twitter notifications in openSUSE 12.1 Gnome desktop?
Since the notifications are apparently not persistent*, perhaps the way to check if this is actually working is to sit and ask someone we follow to tweet something and then stare at the screen. I don’t know how long you’d need to stare at the screen for since there’s no indication of how often GNOME checks for new tweets.

  • Persistent notifications show up for X seconds, then disappear but are available in the notification try if you look. Non-persistent notifications just vanish after X seconds.