one way ssh/ping only with 2 routers

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So there are 2 routers, one is wireless the other is not
The internet gw is
the wireless router is connected to the wired router
the wired router is connected to the internet modem
the wired router has the 192.168.1 subnet
the wireless router has the 192.168.0 subnet

I can’t reach pc3 from pc2 or pc1, but pc3 can go to pc1 or pc2 just fine

  • Internet * ******* non-wireless router **** *** wireless router *
    ************* * GW- * * GW- *---->> pc3
    *********************** *****************
    | |
    | |-pc1
    All pc’s are running OpenSuse 13.1
    I can ssh and ping from
    pc3 to pc2
    pc3 to pc1
    pc1 to pc2
    pc2 to pc1
    I can’t reach pc3 from either pc1 or pc2 (ssh,ping,traceroute etc)
    Everyone can reach the internet ok.
    I killed the iptables FW on both machines and still have the same issue

Assuming that I have read your description correctly, then the routers are behaving the way that they are supposed to behave :frowning:

Some wireless routers can be configured to be an AP/switch instead of a router. If yours has that option, it will solve your problem.