One question all of you about HD

My friend got same setup ok.
He got two HD the same as me,use on suse11.1 32/64bit none of them cant recognize at all. But one think he knows suse,windows and Amiga in and out when it is hardware like HD he cant figure out why my suse recognize Harddrive and not his.
He have/got the same systemlol!
I like to know what oldcpu has to sayrotfl!:wink:



Some more infos pls:

What does it mean “same setup”? Did you clone the system or you have only the same hardware?

What kind of hd you use? IDE, SATA, SATA II, SCSI, RAID? And if it is a RAID which level and which controller?

Are all the BIOS-Settings the same? (Are you german? If so go here: BIOS Kompendium © - Startseite No, you are not. The location info is missing in the edit page, sorry)

What does it mean that the hd is not recognized? Installation process fails?

Was there any other system installed before? If it is so which one?

Is the hd recognized by a life CD? if it is not recognized by Suse live CD could you pls try Knoppix?

If you can launch the system with a live CD pls type in a console:

hwinfo --disk

and paste the result here.

Ok, enough to start. :wink:



Ja ich bin ein Schwabe in die naehe von Stuttgart,zwar deutsche sprache ist meine schwaeche.I`m not good in german anymore but little better in english.

I got 2x ide HD and one external Sata and my friend got the same Hardware.
When he try to install suse it did not work but then few more 5 HD,the last one he could install suse 11.1.

Bis bald dann