One page Grub vs. default two pages Grub

Seems like
ought to have an option to keep all Grub selections on the first screen instead of only a default plus “Advanced…”. Am I missing something? Is this option purposely absent from YaST2?

I don’t see GRUB_DISABLE_SUBMENU= in an /etc/default/grub.rpmnew comment either. :frowning:

In Xterm, man /etc/default/grub just puts a mess on the screen (newlines missing and in wrong places). Info /etc/default/grub seems to say nothing about the file, apparently just an info howto.

Same issues in TW.

Is enabling via YaST a single screen menu in Grub-EFI not possible, bug report indicated?

I don’t see that here on my multiboot systems, perhaps a os-prober bug? If you run os-prober from the command line, does it find them all? If so is the probe foreign os checked?

That’s just it. I never use os-prober on any of my own installations. On all but two, it’s locked out, not even installed.

I’ve been trying to help someone get through multiboot issues. Apparently there is no solution for this one via YaST, so I must explain the hard way to a newbie.

Yast should work if all OS use the same boot method and check for foreign OS box is checked . Yo can not mix MBR and EFI booting. As a general rule the boot can not see any OS that uses a different boot method.

But you do need OS-prober for that to work

Does anything you wrote have anything to do with $SUBJECT? If it does, it’s going right past or through me. I don’t want to see any selection that begins with “Advanced”, unless it’s the name of a kernel or a new memory tester. Any system that’s multiboot is advanced.

The issue is, YaST seems to be unable to eliminate the existence of more than one Grub screen/menu/page for containing whatever the (irrelevant) total number of stanzas comes out to be. This is determined by GRUB_DISABLE_SUBMENU=, which YaST seems unable to manipulate.

That was not clear

In that case you need to edit the grub2.conf file manually I don’t believe there is an automated process to do it

I started a thread that touched the subject on the yast-devel mailing list, so maybe there is one sometime in our future: :slight_smile: