One for the complainers and whingers.

I’m sure some here like me have done teaching in computer or electronics labs. I recall a story told to me by a work colleague, about “the book”. Every lab student was allowed just one look at “the book”, which guaranteed to show the cause of any problem.

After trying everything possible to convince a particularly vocal student not to waste this valuable opportunity, usually the student who couldn’t work the oscilloscope, or write a program that didn’t crash, or get a straight line plot on a graph as the theory suggested, the teaching assistant would allow them to look inside, to reveal the cause of their problems.

The book, of course, had a mirror inside.

Cute! I’ll take your book and up you a computer helpdesk department which were told to create a book of DO’s and Don’ts for handling customer complaints. About a week later, the helpdesk team came to the manager with a word for word set of copies of DOS with the explaination that they found the book of DO’s but can’t find the book of DOn’ts!! >:(

Sadly, this not so helpful helpdesk is still operating today. You think they would benefit from your “the book”?