One for all media player

Having installed 11.1 a few days ago I’m now fine tuning and filtering through the installed apps. What I am now looking for is a One-for-All media player with nice / good GUI front end. One that I can install all codecs into and use for music and video. Does one exist for Linux / Suse?

You might try Kaffeine, though it is perhaps not very advanced in regard to features towards audio, as music library etc. But you can create and import play-lists for both audio and video with it + possibly many things I do not know about.

I like it as it is easy to use and generally works fine for me, though I usually use Amarok and Xmms for music/audio.


Take your choice most of the media players will play the majority, but only you know what you might need, as a rule very few formats need an additional codec package.

As for what they all support…
VLC - Features

MPlayer - The Movie Player

the xine project - Features

The final one doesn’t support encrypted dvd’s but iirc this can do if you have the relevant libdvdcss library.

As for gui each to there own what you call nice I might not some have better choices of skins than others. Xine is mainly a backend but has many choices as the xine project - Download just look for a binary if you see one you like… Some have easier access to the advanced controls smplayer…

Then none will have the the nice interface expected from a dedicated music player.

If you are new to OpenSuSE you should be aware of some potential issues with codecs, you may read this: Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums
Pay attention to the NB regarding the VLC repo!

You might also note that there is no need to install SMplayer or VLC in the proposed list from oldcpu (the author of the page the link above direct to), those are media players you may want to try out, but you don’t have to. SMplayer is an easy to use gui to MPlayer which FeatherMonkey recommended.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve decided to try out the SMPlayer one for the moment and see how it goes.
My installation defaulted to Banshee but for some reason I didn’t like it. It just seemed to busy so it’s been deleted.

Mmm now that I’ve looked sorry didn’t mention the gstreamer bits…

These start to blur the boundaries from the looks of things I guess Amarok would be the closest but is quite similar(But will depend on KDE)… A few of the xine-based could also use the gstreamer way you have to look in configurations.

Otherwise Totem would be the equivalent sticking to the media player side of things. Banshee and amarok IMO I would describe as music players with extra video bits, plus syncing…


So you have native implementations which Mplayer and vlc default to, which are based/used parts of ffmpeg(Which Xine is also and gstreamer) Yep confusing I know. But what you really have…

Is media players…

That use the gstreamer backend way, you may find you need a variety of plugins…

Native like Mplayer, vlc(Ok mplayer can use system libs)But even I’m starting to confuse myself :wink:

Xine which is really a pure backend similar to gstreamer but more complete in one package…

Hopefully someone will correct anything completely erroneous

Yup, you’re right. That has confused me :confused:

I think I’ll just stick with smplayer and see if I run into any problems. There is just so much choice with everything that I am spending ages experimenting with it all and just ending up confused lol!

For me…

Songbird for audio files; VLC for CD audio & anything video;
Asunder for ripping CD’s.

Both are very stable on my PC. Pity Songbird wont let you play direct from a CD or provide a ripping facility.

I like that Songbird provides an iTunes alternative down to a similar gui and download service. Also cross-platform so can be used on Windows, mac best of all, Linux. Nice.

My 2 cents…:wink:

On Mon, 25 May 2009 15:46:01 GMT, suse tpx60s
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>Yup, you’re right. That has confused me :confused:
>I think I’ll just stick with smplayer and see if I run into any
>problems. There is just so much choice with everything that I am
>spending ages experimenting with it all and just ending up confused lol!

Try the simple approach: Install and try something, if it does not
suit you remove it and try another, continue until maximally happy.
You may try some thing more than once, you may have two (or more)
different ones at the same time. It is called choice.