One ClickIinstall from OpenSuse11.3 not working

I’m using OpenSuse 11.3 Gnome
I’m having trouble installing new packages from the One Click Installs of Software Open Suse and from Packman. I get the following error each time.
The install link or file you opened does not contain instructions for this version of openSUSE.
Having done a new install of Open Suse 11.3 I’m trying to get back to using Mplayer and Cairo-dock, just to mention two packages.
Is the version 11.3 still too new, or is there a fault in the auto installs of 11.3?
I have managed to download the rpm of Cairo-dock but the Cairo-dock-plugins have dependency problems which I presume should be resolved using the One Click Install - when it works.

Which repos you have? can you post it.

zypper lr -d

For the applications you mentioned, should not need any one click install or manual installation by downloading its rpm. All are there in packman and can be installed from YaST->software management. But for that you need packman repo. You can add it in YaST->software repositories and click add repo and then choose community repos and then packman, and you are done.

Good luck

A multi-media guide here
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

Perhaps you can add the repositories:

Additional package repositories - openSUSE

and seach for the software in yast afterwards.

Thanks. I have included the Packman repo and installations are working again. I would have thought that by using the One Click Install from the Packman website it would have added the repo automatically. I thought 11.2 did this. Anyway, it’s working now - thanks :slight_smile: