One-Click Installs are just so ...

Chit-Chat or Soapbox … and Soapbox won

One-Click Installs are just so <insert your own opinion>

I’ve never used one-click install, but it seems to be implicated in lots of subsequent repository related issues. Time to take a look…

“fswebcam” is a simple command line driven image capture from webcam utility, it has a single dependency, “gd” - both “fswebcam” and “gd” are in the Leap 15.4 OSS repository ( )

I would normally “zypper in”

paul@HP255G7:~> su -
HP255G7:~ # zypper -vv in fswebcam
... [snip]
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
Selecting 'fswebcam-20200725-bp154.1.22.x86_64' from repository 'Main Repository' for installation.
Resolving package dependencies...
Force resolution: No
The following 2 NEW packages are going to be installed:
  fswebcam  20200725-bp154.1.22  x86_64  Main Repository  openSUSE
  gd        2.2.5-11.3.1         x86_64  Main Repository  SUSE LLC <>

2 new packages to install.
Overall download size: 94.3 KiB. Already cached: 0 B. After the operation, additional 257.1 KiB will be used.
Continue? [y/n/v/...? shows all options] (y): n
HP255G7:~ # exit

Simple, job done, well it would be had I not selected “n” …

Now let’s try using 1-Click instead, I’ll skip describing the preliminary steps and pick up here:

Yeh! Right! … Now, as I’m using 1-Click it’s likely I’m a less experienced user and would probably think “the installer knows what it’s doing” and happily click “Next” … and have 11(!) additional repositories added … or am I misunderstanding the whole thing; I didn’t proceed with the install.

Wow!, this is much worse as I ever could imagine. :frowning:

What I fail to understand is why the installer needs (or thinks it needs) to add those repositories; the two packages to install are in the Leap 15.4 OSS repository, there is no need to add any repositories. Another mystery…

I only did a one-click install once. And that worked. However, immediately after the install, I disabled all added repos, which probably saved me from any issues.

The one-click install is probably adding all needed repos even if those are already configured. I mostly stay away from one-click installs.

Wise move :slight_smile:
As I wrote I’ve never used them, only took a look because of the trouble I’ve seen them cause with other users posting on the forum.

Yes but, if we all, as I do, never use “One-Click” installation, there will never be enough Change Requests (Bug Reports) written to get the thing properly implemented … >:)

Bug 1181734]( - “1 Click install” adding a_lot of repositories

Reported: 2021-02-03 11:01 GMT by Dario Faggioli

Comment #6 by Fabian Vogt “Ping. There are many reports about this issue coming in through various kinds of channels.

You do have my interest here. If I know what they are I would prefer to download the 2 packages.

The problem is how to get the message through to all innocent openSUSE users that the one-click is simply broken (it wasn’t never a very fine thing) and will bring you problems. IMHO, one should, when possible, ASAP block the whole possibility to do one-clicks.

You may perhaps have misunderstood my link to this post.

The 2 packages I refer to here are “fswebcam” and it’s dependency “gd”, simply used as an example of the (bad) behaviour of 1-click installs, those packages are, in terms of being required, unrelated to your post: “Video”

The procedure to add the necessary codecs is shown in the document here which @deano_ferrari linked to in post #2 of your “Video” thread, and @hui points you to the correct section of that document, 13.2

Until 1-Click only installs the actually needed repositories this is undoubtedly going to be an ongoing problem. There doesn’t seem to be any real action being taken on Bug 1181734]( yet.

As to getting the message across, I don’t really know, a sticky banner at the top of the forums would be one option, but that seems rather an overkill. Besides which not all users (of openSUSE) will be regular visitors to the forums.

I would tend to go with your thoughts, (temporarily, at least until 1-click consistently works) suspend it’s use. That also is rather drastic action and I don’t know there would be sufficient agreement amongst those responsible for taking such action for it to proceed.

IINM one-click has this issue since 15.0. I’ve used it a couple of times and had to delete the extra repos. Now if I use it (almost never), it is just to find the package repo, abort the one-click and install from Yast.

Also, one of those GA repos wouldn’t refresh, which would be quite disturbing for a new user.

If by “1-click install” one means the graphical software installer, then I think I may have had that problem when I was using Leap 15.4/KDE because then I started getting errors when trying to update the different repos wouldn’t sync or whatever. It’s been reported elsewhere here on OS Forums. Now, I was doing that running Leap 15.4 in a virtual machine. However, I’m now running Leap 15.4/Gnome on bare metal on my HP Envy desktop, and at least up to this point everything seems to be ok.

I’ll comment further in the following days as and if warranted.

Oh, and btw, I have to say I think Gnome 41.2 on L15.4 actually runs better and smoother than KDE 5.whatever does.