One Click Install

I don’t seem to have the package installed on OpenSUSE 11 to allow one click install. When I click on a link it is asking me what I want to open it with

Can someone please give me the name of the one click install package so that I can find it on the repositories and install it


one click intalls (.ymp) should open with the default opensuse packager (yast2) and are just metapackages containing a link to a set of packages in the repos. nothing extra is needed.


that’s not happening with me

When I try to install the codecs for KDE, I click on the link for the one click, and I am asked to save it, or to open with (browse), it wont open up the one click installer for the codecs that I used to get with 10.3

and if you use ‘browse’ to select ‘yast2’ and then open it?

I’m not sure how to find Yast2 sorry

When I click browse I get a screen open up with three folders I can look in

file system

there is a search, but entering yast2 brings up nothing, and I am not sure where in the file system to find yast2

filesystem: /sbin/yast2

thanks, I get the following message


No such client module /tmp/codecs-kde-1.ymp
The search path follows. It does not include the current directory.


Run 'yast22 -h" for help on usage

When it says “open file with”, type the command:


(The capitals do count)

It should now load the one click installer against your .ymp file.

Hope this helps, if you need more assistance please do not hesitate. :slight_smile:

THANK YOU, that worked :slight_smile:

indeed good advice, i did not even know that there was Another applet for managing packages.

thx, stefan

Package yast2-metapackage-handler has to be installed