One account doesn't load GUI Desktop - black screen

When trying to log in, one of the accounts on the computer does not appear to load the green openSUSE desktop. The screen is black except for the Skype login box, and a small vertical white rectangle at the top left of the screen.

There is no taskbar (if that is what it is properly called) at the bottom of the screen either.

When logging in to other accounts, this problem does not occur. The boot screen and the initial screen are “normal” (green openSUSE screens).

Is it possible for me to fix this, other than deleting the account and creating a new one?

Have a look at this thread:
Ugly login screen? - openSUSE Forums

Also check the user’s home directory for the desktop config file - it starts with a . - eg .ked for kde or .gnome for gnome. Delete the file.