Once firejail always firejail?

I used firejail especially with browsers when checking websites I don’t trust or some which don’t work without ad blocker. Recently I noticed that as soon as I used firejail with a browser it always tries to open in firejail. The browsers are opened simply with the command “firejail <browsername>” and they grab the profile from the file /etc/firejail/<browser.profile>. After using a browser with firejail when trying to open them normally I noticed that from then on they always open in firejail. I can see that by opening the browser from command line e.g. by typing “firefox” that first the /etc/firejail/firefox.profile file is opened. What causes this strange behaviour and how can it be corrected? BTW it happens as well in Leap15 but it is still working in my last computer still on Leap42.3. Any ideas anyone?

OK - for those reading this thread (or using firejail) - it seems that installing of the latest version of firejail (0.9.54) automatically inserts symbolic links in /usr/local/bin pointing to /usr/bin/firejail (same as running firecfg in previous versions). The command firecfg --clean removes these links and then firejail can be used as with the previous version (0.9.52).

Thank you for that explanation.