On plasma 5.27 rightclick on panels icons or system tray icons doesn't works anymore

on my laptop TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro running LEAP 15.4 KDE Argon
with these KDE repositries
if I rightclick on panel icons or systemtray nothing happens, before a menu appeared, now not.
how can I have rightclick working again??

Did you already try the basics like adding a new taskbar?

manythanks, yes I tried but nothing, but I forgot that I was with wayland, starting with X11 everything works again, so it seems solved, wayland seems to have still many issues becouse I found also that cpying cells pressing ctrl key in libreoffice calc didn’t worked

It seems to be working here on Tumbleweed – both with X11 and with Wayland. I’m testing in a virtual machine.

However, Wayland is fussy and doesn’t work all that well in KDE, so I’m not surprised that it is failing for you.