On login--"Files--1 new notification" . . . but, no seeming "notification"???


In my TW partition, when reviving from suspend or logging in when booting up, somewhere is a message showing the “File cabinet” icon with a “1 new notification” . . . but, looking at the Home filesystem or around doesn’t seem to show any “notification” or “message” in any obvious way??? No little number above some icon or nothing on the toolbar???

Is there a place to look for this notification?? Or, it’s a kind of “error” message that can’t be found or read??



Nobody?? Or, “all the TW guys have the weekend off”??? This “notification” message is on the TW “splash” window that shows after waking from “suspend” that has the “up” arrows on it, that either is dragged with mouse to reveal log in page, or hit return . . . .

It’s been bugging me for awhile now, supposedly there is a “single notification” . . . hidden somewhere? Secret techniques to get the notification to be revealed?? Secret techniques to remove these old messages that don’t erase themselves??? Gone through numerous update/upgrades and the message remains, please advise.