OLED Display Brightness Control

Hi everyone, first post here as I am trying to track down some information.

I am using a Dell XPS 15 which has an OLED display. On various distributions since I have owned it I had to use icc-brightness or similar to get brightness control working.

Recently I reinstalled Manjaro and when I updated from 5.8 to 5.9 kernel I had brightness working with nothing else required which a pleasant surprise but assumed OLED had been added into the 5.9 kernel.

I was keen to test oS TW but when I installed it and updated to the 5.9 kernel I did not have brightness control. So I went looking and found nothing relating to 5.9 kernel and OLED, but I did find that there is a kernel patch which the Manjaro team seem to have patched into the kernel here and here.

I was wondering if anyone has OLED brightness control working on their oS installs? And whether there is any possibility of this patch being incorporated into the SUSE kernel as well?