Older Versions of opensuse ?

I bought a pentium pc (433 MHz) at Ebay for 2,50 Euro;). Windows ME is installed but crashes. I wanted to install openSuSE 11.0 but the USB-keyboard doesn’t work. I tried ubunto,fedora and Debian as well - none is working:.
In addition, the memory (160 MB RAM) is exceeded by far.
The pc is from 1999, maybe I could try an older Linux version like openSuSE 8.0.
Can anybody tell me where to find this ?:slight_smile:

I don’t have an answer to your question.

But I do have a view point and some suggestions. :slight_smile:

First let me say I’m a BIG openSUSE fan. One does not make over 9,000 post on this forum, if they are not such a BIG fan.

Now having stated that, my view and recommendation is for that PC whose specification you quote, do not bother with openSUSE.My view is you should try out a lighter weight distribution than openSUSE, where openSUSE is a bit bloated:

Some minimal distros to play with

  • **Elive **
    (has Enlightenment window manager). Needs 100MHz CPU and 64MB of RAM for one of the older versions. More recent version needs a faster CPU and more RAM
  • DSL
    (D**N Small Linux). (Uses JWM window manager). needs 16MB RAM on a fast 486 CPU. But that will be slow !! Better off with 64 MB RAM and a Pentium with 200MHZ CPU.
  • Puppy Linux
    . (gives one a choice, I think,of JWM or IceWM window managers) Needs 64MB RAM for versions before 1.0.2. More recent versions need 128MB RAM and 166MHZ CPU
  • Vector Linux
    . (Various variants are available. Standard uses xfce, but more light weight use the JWM and Fluxbox window managers). Needs 32MB RAM and 166MHZ CPU. I suspect much more RAM is desireable.
    there are other minimal Linux distros’ but the advantage of the more popular (ie the above short list) is that there are typically more applications and better support (ie larger community).

I really liked playing with the Elive Live CD development version. I have not installed it but I may purchase a copy and give it to a friend who has an old PC.

There are a couple of efforts to make light weight openSUSE distributions, which may run on your PC and you can try those, although that openSUSE approach is not my main recommendation (although I confess I am curious as to how it would work out).

These two light weight openSUSE efforts are SOAD and LXDE

  • **SOAD Linux **
    (SuSE-On-Active-Diet Linux). This uses the Enlightenment Desktop. It may run on a PC with your specs. It has the advantage that it is based on openSUSE-11.1. There is also a liveCD available: http://sda.scwlab.com/soad_linux.html To install the liveCD you may need to do so selecting a TEXT install from the initial boot menu (using one of the Fx options) . Please note the Welcome to the SOAD! (http://sda.scwlab.com/Welcome.pdf ) ‘Quick Start’ or ‘Getting Started’ instructions (it’s recommended to read before the actual image download).
  • openSUSE-LXDE
    live installable iso based on openSUSE 11.1 made with SUSE-STUDIO openSUSE Lizards » openSUSE-LXDE Live CD 1.0.0 Again, to install the liveCD you may need to do so selecting a TEXT install from the initial boot menu (using one of the Fx options) .

Thanks for your reply. I will try your suggestions.

I was thinking I should provide more guidance on installing the LXDE openSUSE on such an old PC. This is likely true for LXDE and possibly true for SOAD (except SOAD passwords are different).

To do a text mode install from the live CD, boot to the live CD, but when the selection menu appears do NOT immediately select to boot, but instead press F3 and choose “Text Mode”.

Then select the openSUSE LXDE boot.

That will boot to an ascii prompt “linux login:” . Type “linux” as your login and press “enter”

Then type “su” to get root permissions. Press “enter”.

Then type “yast” and in yast move the selection down to “miscellaneous” (with your arrow keys) and then move the selection to the right (with your arrow keys) and select “Live Install”.

In the case of SOAD: User: linux Pwd: soad and User: root Pwd: soad

Edit: I’m going by memory here - I hope I did not make a mistake.

puppy-linux-4.30->Hey, this is me again from my new puppy-linuxrotfl!rotfl!lol!. “Puppy” is a silly name but it is a great linux distribution !
Before this, I tried
Elive: something went wrong, I don’t remember
**** small linux: crashed in the middle of the installation
Vector Linux: it is still loading and will take another 10 hours …
Puppy Linux contains an open office pendant, a paint program and the sea monkey browser. I’m about to load some desktop pictures → it’s great, just as on my normal pc.

Thanks for the advise:).