Old version MANDRIVA

I need to uninstall my old MANDRIVA from my old tabletop pc. On that PC I have both systems, WINDOWS XL and the MANDRIVA. I am keeping tne WINDOWS and would like to replace the MANDRIVA with the current version of SUSE. Can anyone guide me how to do this, pls? And thanks.

Post the result of these commands (as root) from mandriva and it will help decide.

fdisk -l
cat /etc/fstab

Also you don’t say if you need any data from mandrive carried over.

BTW this would have been better posted in the boot/install forum.

Just install openSUSE in your Mandriva partition(s). During openSUSE setup, at the partioner dialog, select the LAST option “Create partition setup” and choose “Custom Partitioning (for experts)”. You can then select your Mandriva partitions one by one, choose a moutpoint and filesystem, check “format”. If you had Mandriva’s Grub previously in MBR, install openSUSE’s Grub there. You can (you should) also install Grub in openSUSE’s root partition. That’s all.

That’s true. If you had a separate /home partition under Mandriva, you might not want to erase date there. In that case, select this partition, mount it in /home but don’t check “format”. Think about choosing another login name (or rename your /home user directory first under Mandriva).

If you have your home directory as a separate partition, I would strongly advise that you check the hidden files, those starting with a dot “.” : If its an old version of MDV, rename your .mozilla and mailer files like .thunderbird or .claws.
The easiest is to delete the “.” in front of the file name or directory. this will make them visible.
You will need to remove the system files, otherwise when you load suse it will try to use your MDV setting for the desktop and a few other important things, which will give problems.
I’ve been there :(.
Or if you are not sure, when you load Suse use a different user name to that you used on MDV, that will give you a new home directory and you can move the files from the user directory you used on MDV.
If you really want to use the same user name, and you are not sure which system files to delete, rename you home directory as Nicolas suggested, then move the files in the rename directory once Suse is installed.