Old Suse to New Suse?

Hi! This is my first post here.

I began using Suse with Version 6.3, then I got Suse 8.3 Professional, then the next to last one 9.3. My question is Will OpenSuse Version 11.00 be as strong as previous versions, I am using it right now and it is superb! No problems so far. It looks and works like a dream. Thank You to all those people who worked so hard in getting Version 11.00 out. I am a very happy bunny :wink: linuxfanatik

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Please stick around and participate in threads of your choosing on the forum. We have a good mix of users here, and we can always use a SuSE user who has been around for a while.

wow! I didn’t even know what openSuSE was back then. As mentioned above you should stick around and help out some of us that are new, like myself. openSuSE is so far working better on my laptop than Ubuntu was :slight_smile:

I have a problem with suse 11.0… KDE4
My computer crash (doesnt react anymore) after scrolling any window with the mouse… (I think it is a graphic problem… I have a FireGL 5600)

Does anybody have a similar problem and knows how to solve it?

I think you better post in the appropriate forum. Tagging it on the end of a different topic will not get very much attention


Dear Andy, I just threw myself into the forum at my first opportunity. When I need a pdf document regarding Open Suse 11, I will go to the relevant place.

As an Addendum, My Suse Professional version number was wrong it was 8.2 and not 8.3 However my first version of Suse was 6.3. I have the books for 8.2 both user and administration Manuals, have the commands changed vastly with version 11.00?

If the commands are similar to 9.3 I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble, though the tarballs will end with RPM instead of Deb?

Thank you for your comments Andy and everyone ;)!


will do it!! thanks

Hi Linuxfanatik,

Many of us have been with Suse a long time and we would probably all agree that Suse has made great strides. There were some issues in 10 and 10.1 which are long gone.
Most now are really impressed with zypper and the modern look and feel. Most issues raised in the forum are hardware based, very often by new users - who tend to expect a switch it on and off we go.
You are sure to find Suse 11 a great distro. Have fun and welcome!

Dear caf4926, Yes I love zypper and the return of Yast as well as several other new programs. 9.3 was fun but by the time I got back to Suse, 10.1, and 10.2 were gone and I was presented with 10.3, which although not as cool as 9.3, I believe (I don’t really know here) that 10.3 was better than 10.1/2:eek:!

As I say, I’m using the live version of OpenSUSE 11.00 as put out by LXFDVD109, it uses KDE 4.1 and seems to working wonderfully.

When I started Suse Linux originally, I was on 6.3 with two thick Manuals in English, and work with Linux was more spartan then that it is now - a lot of newbies coming into Linux now expect everything handed to them on a plate - like it was in Microsoft, its getting better - much better :slight_smile: but I think its better if you try to figure out some problems for yourself - after all, if you work out where you went wrong, you are better able (and more confident) to get something else fixed by your own hand!:smiley:


I’m using the live version of OpenSUSE 11.00 as put out by LXFDVD109

Great to know you are a fellow reader of LXF. I have booted that one too, in Virtual Box. So did you install from it? Do you use any other OS like windows?