Old KDE Four Live CD

I’m searching the old iso images of KDE Four Live CD.
For old isos I mean also 4.0 but I can’t find those ISOs anyway.
Do you know where I can download those old images?

Before someone ask me why I’m searching such old software, mine is a collection cause :wink:

Index of /distribution/11.0/iso/cd

Thanks for your answer, currently I’m downloading all KDE Live CD, however what I’m searching for are the original KDE-Four Live CD ISOs.

Here you’ll find the latest 4.5.0 however, I remember that there were also all isos of alpha and betas.

I had all those ISOs on my Hard Disk but yesterday my HD decided to die :frowning:

Right - You mean just the KDE CD not the openSUSE OS KDE4.

I might have had one or two from Linux Format but I did a clear out recently. I’ll check

Are you in Italy ?

This is exactly what I mean.

Yes, I’m from Italy.

I did look but I chucked the old DVD’s, they had .iso’s of some early kde4 releases. Sorry.