okular print problem

Hello, Guys

I just want to ask if okular has the ability to print a pdf to printer. All the infor I got from my kde4 environment is okular only print to file. However it does show my network printer on the print page as the only option (other kde4 app such as kwrite gives my printer, print to file options).

So I want to know if okular is not able to print to printer so far or this is an existing bug? I do not want to use adobe reader, its slow.


Its an existing bug of QT:
Bug 162793 - Okular handles real printers as local file

Same problem here, printers appear in the dialog, but I can only print to file.

I found out, that the problem does not only occur in Okular but also in Kate. So it’s perhaps not a problem of the applications but of KDE 4.0.x?