Okular not displaying postscript files

Up until a few days ago, okular would open and display postscript files just fine. Now, however, it just opens to a blank page. I can view the files in GIMP just fine, but that method is a bit cumbersome. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is no longer working? Is there a plug-in I need to update? Thanks.

I can verify that I’m observing the same. As a quick workaround, I subscribed to the printing repo, and upgraded ghostscript via that repo. This fixed the rendering issue.

Just to clarify that I now have ghostscript-9.20-84.1.x86_64 installed, (and ghostscript-x11 was upgraded to ghostscript-x11-9.20-84.1.x86_64 as a dependency). I will now disable the printing repo, as I don’t need other packages upgraded at the moment.

It would be a good idea to see if a bug report exists for this regression, and if not submit one.

There is one already:
In short, it’s a breakage caused by some security fix, that has been fixed upstream in ghostscript 9.20.

This not only affects Okular, but also Evince (which even crashes, here on 13.2 at least… :wink: ), and maybe other applications.

You can easily fix it yourself though until an update is released:
Open the file /usr/share/ghostscript/9.15/Resource/Init/gs_init.ps in a text editor (as root), and change line#2024 to:

  systemdict /getenv {pop //false} .forceput

(i.e. replace “put” with “.forceput”)