OKULAR no longer showing RECENT FILES and restory LAST WINDOW POSITION/SIZE when opened

The OKULAR PDF Reader Application seems to be no longer showing RECENT FILES and LAST WINDOW POSITION/SIZE in the past several weeks now (while I was using Leap 15, but worked before in Leap 15). I know it refers use the ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel to store these files, and I checked, and when I open files in OKULAR, it does store those filenames (with other info) into that file.

Does anyone know how to rememdy this situation?

Also, I noticed when trying out another DISTRO (which ALWAYS turns out to be a bad deal for me), I noticed that OKULAR had to be downloaded using SNAP, thus, ALL the OKULAR FILES were stored in the ~/snap/okular/52 directory, which had it own .local and .config subdirs, thus,


And that worked well as it did with openSUSE before.Of course, all those files are still there. Maybe it I could symlink the SNAP dirs, with the old way dirs, that MIGHT work.** Or, get this snap program (which can be done via the gimp.org site) and just do the SNAP OKULAR way.

I am seeing “recent files” (in the “Files” menu), although it isn’t something that I normally use. I have no idea where to look for “last window position”, and I don’t normally use that either.

AFAIK, it uses ~/.local/share/okular/docdata/ to store .xml files for recently opened files. Perhaps that history doesn’t match the actual current location(s) of your .pdf files?

Also, check ~/.config/okularrc for window size and recent file history.

Problem Solved :good:

It was a bad symlink …

[size=3]~/.config/okularrc → …/…/…/.kde4/share/config/okularrc

I copied the okularrc file into the ~/.config dir;

Screen Size beautiful as before, instead of wimpy little box,
and all the most recent files are now listed.

Thank you all for your input! :slight_smile: