Okular Media Tray Problem

I cannot make Okular use tray 3 for the media source, it always selects tray 1 even though it is set to tray 3 when I look in the advanced tab of the printer settings inside Okular. All my others Apps. work just fine. Is there any way I can go back to KPDF in KDE4.3? I never had a problem with it.

Yes its in the kdegraphics package which can get from the KDE3 repository - see KDE3 - openSUSE for details.

(Don’t search for KPDF in YaST but for kdegraphics and it will be in the list).

Thank you John, I could not seem to find anything threads on how to install KPDF. I hope the Okular group adds the ability to select which media tray to use, it is superior to KPDF in some ways :slight_smile:

Add this repository Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE3/openSUSE_11.2 and then do a search for kdegraphics; one of the responses will be KPDF