Okular is searching for additional software to open PDFs

This little window pops up every time I open a pdf file. The message translates into “Looking for additional software”. If I wait a couple of seconds and let the dialog finish, KDE actually doesn’t show the popup anymore - for this PDF. This behavior has only started after an update of my openSUSE 11.3 KDE 4.4 to 4.5 (from the 4.5 repo).

I had already opened a thread on this German forum, but supporters there were at the end of their wits. Still, we were able to observe a few things:

  • It only happens with Okular, not e.g. with Gimp.
  • Okular is set as the default app in system settings.
  • The problem doesn’t occur with a new user.
  • The problem doesn’t occur when opening a file from terminal, so there is no helpful terminal output.
  • The problem doesn’t occur when when I specify the app in the context menu.
  • The problem is not limited to Dolphin. It also occurs when e.g. opening a downloaded PDF from DownThemAll! (FF extension), or one where I chose “Open with Ocular” from the FF download popup, or from Krusader.
  • However, the behavior can not be observed with Konqueror (both file management and download -> open with Okular) or Nautilus.
  • The problem persists after renaming the okular folder in ~/.kde4/share/apps/ or the two files in ~/.kde4/share/config/

I posted this on the KDE forums a couple of days ago, but somebody told me that this was openSUSE specific and recommended I repost here. So, third attempt to find a solution! :wink:

The only other option I can think of is to rename more files. So my question is: Are there any more files that I could try renaming? Is there anything else you all could think of?

Thank you for your help!

If a new user works, then it’s a user config issue
I know you might not want to - but try a rename of the .kde4, just to see if that will do it.

Duh! :slight_smile: I was afraid of that. Ok, I will try that when I have some time.

It turned out the problem was with KSuseInstall, as became clear with a new .kde4 folder on 4.6. Apparently I had selected “install missing software to open pdf” and “do not ask again”, resulting every time in openSUSE trying to pull in a pdf viewer and always failing to do so.

I have three questions here:

  1. Why does KSuseInstall look for a pdf viewer when okular and a few other perfectly suitable programs are installed?
  2. How can I turn this off? (Of course now I selected “don’t install…” and “don’t ask again”, but there has to be a way for the program to recognize proper software, especially with okular being preinstalled.)
  3. Why does the attempt to pull in proper software fail?

In seems to me KSuseInstall is either broken or not very matured yet. Should I file a bug report?

I can’t say I have experienced this
Though I would never have chosen to “install missing software to open pdf”
Mind you I don’t recall seeing “install missing software to open pdf”

Additionally. I never use KSuseInstall for anything

I just thought clicking “install…” would make the thing go away.

I wouldn’t use KSuseInstall either. It kind of ganged up on me and started harassing me. :wink:

EDIT: What I mean is: I never configured it to do this, or touched or changed it in any way. This was a default configuration behavior.

What I mean is: I never configured it to do this, or touched or changed it in any way. This was a default configuration behavior.

It could be
I’ll have to check next time I do an install