Okular - fit to printable area - is there an option somewhere?

I have to print some A4 pdf with text placed where the printer can’t print (i suppose): actually, output is badly cropped while preview is perfect.
Playing with printer’s margins in the print pop-up windows gives nothing.

I solved installing “Evince”, there’s an option “fit to printable area” and works perfectly, scaling the pdf. Is there something similar in okular that I can’t find?

Okular is so much better than Evince …

Thanks in advance!

There’s no option like this in Okular AFAIU, but there was a bug fix some time back to take care of this


which should generally take care of this by passing the appropriate printer margins. Check File > Print > Properties

I did a lot more tests, Evince prints better.

I played with “File > Print > Properties>Page>Margins” but with no success.

It (automatic “fit to printable area”) works because if you change margins, Okular scales your document automatically, but, BEFORE doing this, it crops the document a little bit, so the ultimate product (the paper printed) lacks of something in the top part and in the bottom.
It surely depends on the specific document, but Evince in the same situation performs better (I’m not saying Evince is better than Okular, but in this specific document, yes).

For example you can ask Okular to print a double line as a border of the page. If I do this, I get the double lines (this means that it is not the phisical printer the crops the print due to its limitations in paper handling), but my printed pdf lacks of a line in the top and in the bottom.

Never mind …