okular does not remember window size

searched google,bugzilla,these forums – nada

I ran

find ~ -iname "*okular*" -exec rm -fr {} \;

to remove all okular files in homedir. Then I upgraded okular to KDE4-STABLE version 4.1.3-60.5. It is still doing it! I resize window the way I want, I quit. I reopen, and window is fully maximized horizontally but only 10% vertically. Looks like “ribbon” on ms office 2007 :stuck_out_tongue:

Any suggestions?

I discovered something interesting/new. When clicking a PDF, okular opens as described above (no memory of previous window size)


When rightclicking PDF and selecting “Open”, okular opens with last-set window sizes!

edit: actually this is incorrect. It alternates between forgetting and remembering window sizes, despite left/right clicking PDF file.