Okular and dvi files generated by latex

I write my courses with Latex and I used Kdvi to read them. Since there is Okular the rendreing is very bad and I have to use back xdvi which works perfectly but is less friendly. I have no problem with pdf files.
Did somebody exprience the same thing?
How is it possible to solve it?
I forgot to say that the problem occurs with opensuse 11.2, 11.2 and I’ve updated to the last version of Okular, it is maybe a bit better, but not too much.

A lot of people now use pdftex rather than dvi; so I suspect the problem is that Okular (which is still a work under development) doesn’t have full dvi support - and, since dvi only offers links to the graphics, that is another bit of coding that has to be sorted out.

In fact, Okular doesn’t have full pdf support either; if you want that, you need to install KPDF for the time being.

I am using version 0.9.1 of Okular and works fine with all PDF files I tested.

I also have 0.9.1 and it does not print landscape PDFs correctly - I agree that, unless you have a fairly obscure requirement it works well but it is not complete. KPDF does this properly; Okular doesn’t.

I will test this stuff. I generally do not print anything :wink:

I can not install KDVI in SUSE 11.2 and Okular can not do inverse and forward search correctly… >:(

Make sure you have the repository
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE3/openSUSE_11.2
installed and then try again.