... ok.. why not Alienware Aurora..

I been checking on the Dell Alienware Aurora desktop, true, a gaming pc, but what interest me is the cooling system, not only the liquid cooling system, but the way the case (Aurora) has ventilation, don’t care for the light show.


The custom hardware is to control those gizmos, the lights… sliding panel, ventilation windows, etc… I read people have installed Ubuntu on Alienware desktops but it doesn’t says which model, so, why installing Suse on a separated hdd will not work as I was told in another thread ?

Not saying it won’t work. But expect interesting times. As I said before cutting edge hardware often does not have drivers for Linux.

Liquid cooling is no big deal you can buy the components for under $100.00

You are going to drop a whole lot of money on such a rig and you may or may not be able to install Linux.

Don’t expect any of those fancy gizmos to work Under Linux They all require special drivers which I doubt exist for Linux. In fact I doubt that they would work under a generic Windows Install without installing a bunch of special drivers.