ok, now NONE of my network adapters work!

I started out with my wifi quitting on me but now, I just plugged into a known good ethernet cord networked and nothing happens.

holy smokes, can someone point me in the right direction?

here is my other thread. and I have done all the steps in the sticky that was mentioned. everything seems ok, I was going to plug in and install madwifi and that is when I discovered that I have no ethernet capability either.

If you’re using 11.1, look in the bottom right of the taskbar for the Network Manager icon. Right click on it. You may need to add a connection, or if you see one already there, select it by clicking on it.

I’ve had trouble on 11.1 once two network interfaces have been configured, namely, having to actually select one once I get into KDE.

I am using gnome and there is no network icon in the lower right like there normally is. it’s almost like the entire network service has not been started.

try this:
log in as su and then run rcNetwork restart

GENIUS!!! now, if you don’t mind, can you explain what the heck happened? and how would I have know to do that if you hadn’t told me?

actually when I reboot I have to type that again once it is booted. can I make that permanent?

Check in YaST - System - System services ( runlevel editor ) that network is enabled & is set for levels 3 & 5


I do not see “rcnetwork” listed in there. the thing that concerns me the most is that I still have no idea what happened to cause this.

That and the fact that now it takes forever to shut down.>:(

rcnetwork won’t be listed. It’s network you should be looking at. Reasons for it stopping ? far too many to list them all,but, turning off acpi is one, changing settings in the runlevel editor is another.