"Oh no" screen appears briefly just after login in Gnome and then system recovers. INTEL video

Hello all,

I think the title says what is going on. My laptop has an INTEL video driver. I noticed that I don’t get the white screen when I add nomodeset to my grub, but then I have no video acceleration and that takes all the “fun” out of using Gnome 3.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be great. This is the 1st distro I’ve tried that I’ve seen this.

I want to provide my Xorg.log, but when I do I get an error message that it is too long. Will any specific section help?


What you see is harmless, maybe related to GDM still being 3.14 while Gnome shell is 3.16. No need to do anything.
BTW, this is not happening on Tumbleweed (GDM and Gnome shell being 3.20.x) and should not happen on next Leap version as well…
Have fun!

Great! Thank you!