OGMrip Stopped working (Mostly)

OGMrip worked fine then all of a sudden it stopped working. It is giving me an “Unkonw Error when it is trying to copy it to the hard drive.”

But the strange thing is this only happens with large rips. For example I ripped something off of a DvD that was about 7 minutes long. It ripped and encoded it just fine. On that same DvD I tried to cope the full movie, about 1:33 hours long. At about 25%-37% is when I get the error. All the settings for both where exactly the same.

  • Anyone know what might be causing this?
  • If not then is there a program that I could use that rips as well or better then OGMrip?

you can use my scripts like h264enc, xvidenc and divxenc :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, run ogmrip from console and then start to encode. When it stops or hangs, see if it spits something out on the console. Also you may be dealing with bad DVD(s)

I already have your repo set up so I will give that a try after I run ogmrip from the console. I don’t think it is the dvd’s but it won’t hurt to make sure that is not the problem. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Well I tried it from the console and no error came up. However I did realize something I should have picked up on before. Something must have changed the setting (possible I did some how with out realizing it,) from the default and it was making a backup copy to the HD, it didn’t do that before. What it did was immediately start to encode the audio before. So I unchecked it and I am going to try it again.

Yep it is working now. Amazing it didn’t register with me when I made the post and mentioned it froze when it was copying it to the HD. One of those days again, lol.

I am still going to check out those scripts you have when this is done. Thanks.