Offline rpm configuration using windows

gentlemen…and ladies
I have an intersting… problem and I’m brand spankin new to this, so bear with me.

Look I have just installed suse 11.2 KDE at 32 bit. Now I need to get all the drivers and codecs to work properly. So I can download using yast and a bunch of repository urls. If Im wrong please correct me.

My internet connection is one of those 3g HSDPA connections so I usually connect a usb modem to my computer (Huawei e220). I’ve googled around and from my understanding, I need to download an application called kinternet. However kinternet has naturally got dependencies and those dependencies also have dependencies and so on… I’m assuming this tree is pretty massive given the fact that I installed via live CD, the question that beckons is how do I download kinternet along with all known dependencies…wait for it… in WINDOWS??? is it possible or do I have to hunt down every single dependency??

the idea is to get these rpms install them manually on my PC in order to get my modem working on the freshly installed system and perform any future updating using yast on that system with my 3g modem.

Help anyone…

I don’t know how to do it the way you suggested. But what about this: If you’ve got 2 PCs in the house, connect the other one to tne net and use it as an Internet Connection Sharing Server until Kinternet is installed.

I believe it’s also possible to get the E220 working if you are willing to do it from the command line. You need the ppp package I think. There should be various tutes on the net on getting the E220 set up as a network device from the CLI.

Sorry, can’t offer any direct help, but I know the E220 is supported by firewall distros as a USB serial device, so it should be possible.

okay so how do I go about that??

Search for e220 linux ppp setup or something like that.