Offline Installation Image: Digest Verification Failed

Downloaded official offline installation image for “Intel or AMD 64-bit desktops, laptops, and servers (x86_64)” from
Having verified the image via sha256sum

#** sha256sum -c openSUSE-Leap-15.3-DVD-x86_64-Current.iso.sha256  
openSUSE-Leap-15.3-2-DVD-x86_64-Build24.5-Media.iso: OK

I dd’ed it to a USB stick

**#** dd if=openSUSE-Leap-15.3-2-DVD-x86_64-Build24.5-Media.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M status=progress && sync  
4599054336 bytes (4.6 GB, 4.3 GiB) copied, 436 s, 10.5 MB/s 
1096+1 records in 
1096+1 records out 
4599054336 bytes (4.6 GB, 4.3 GiB) copied, 746.292 s, 6.2 MB/s

The stick is booting on any of my laptops. After chosing “Installation”, it shows “loading basic drivers”, then “hardware detection”, and then ends up in the following error message:

>>> linuxrc (Kernel 5.3.18-59.10-default) <<<

file:/var/adm/mount/boot/x86_64/root: Digest verification failed.
If you really trust your repository, you may continue in an insecure mode.

(No matter if I chose UEFI or legacy BIOS boot option with my laptop.)

Am I doing something wrong here or is there an issue with the image I am using?

I’m pretty sure that I did a test install (into a virtual machine) with that iso. But I will try it again later.

I did not use a USB. I just configured the downloaded iso as a virtual DVD device.

Have you enabled network on Installation and also the Repos?

>>> linuxrc (Kernel 5.3.18-59.10-default) <<<

I have just finished another test install. I went with KDE for the desktop, and UEFI for BIOS. Apart from that, I took all of the defaults.

I did not run into any issues during the install. So I think the install image is good. You might have a defective USB flash device. Or you might have bad memory.

As before, I configured the “.iso” as a virtual DVD for my VM, so I did not use a USB. I guess I could create a USB and try again with that, but I doubt that it would make any difference.

Installation did not even reach that point. The USB stick booted, from the boot menu I chose “Installation”.
Then, the green bars move at the bottom, green text is displayed that it is “loading basic drivers”, then doing “hardware detection”.
All this happens before the actual installer was started where I could even chose network and repos.

OMG. You are right. It was an issue with the USB stick. Transferred the image to another (and faster) stick and I finally ended up in yast2 installer.
Thanks a bunch! Until today I always thought that a defective USB device would render a dd of an ISO image useless and thus unable to be booted from…

We are glad that you got everything working.