Official repositories not working in 11.3

I installed openSUSE 11.3 off the 4.7 GB dvd two days ago. The first thing that I noticed was that the official repositories didn’t seem to work. Starting the Install/remove software manager would throw three “Package-kit error: repo not available file (in one of the cases) repomd.xml not found on medium (the url of the official repository)”.
I searched for a solution online, but couldn’t find anything, except for the downtime on Aug 21(I didn’t have the system installed back then).
The last thing that I did was to edit the URL of each repository by simply copy-pasting the URL from the website, in case of gremlins. This stopped the twelve or so error messages each that I used to get each time Install/remove started to autorefresh.
Now I just get one error -
There was an error in the repository initialization.

Which tells me as much as the first series, but definitely saves me time :D.

What should I do to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I am very proud for connecting to mu University’s 802.1xx network from the first try :slight_smile:

First of all, there have been some changes in the KDE repositories. So you may need to delete some repositories.

You should have no problems with OSS, NON-OSS, Update and Packman. Also Videolan is OK but some people recommend downloading the necessary codecs and then removing this one though I have never had a problem with it.

Hi XKpluto
this the same problem I have?
see link
Opensuse 11.3 amd64 - Have internet access but cannot access repos - IPV6?


No, I have nothing like your proble, though I am running the 64 bit version too (on Intel Core 2 Duo though)

I am having trouble exactly with the official repositories(oss, non-oss, update). Currently I have disabled autorefresh because it seems to work when I refresh manually. If I let autorefresh though, I get an error: “Warning:Failed to initialize repositories.” and then I can only view the software that I have already installed.

Also, unrelated, but I have noticed that the fan of my laptop goes crazy when I am running SUSE. It seems to be constantly running on high. Weird.

Generally if you seem to have repository issues, it’s best to look at a
mirror close to your location as the redirector may be having issues,
our it’s a dodgy mirror.

More info here;

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