Official pack for nVidia 396?

I’m coordinating transition at my work to OpenSuSE Tumbleweed as our main development environment.
Due to CUDA being really finicky we need to be running driver version 396 (it’s required by CUDA 9.2 which is, in turn required by the absence of GCC6 in the standard repos)

Now, everything installs fine from the run scripts, it’s just pretty fiddly, particularly to the people who aren’t too Linux-savvy yet, and I’m not sure how to package it up because of those fiddly elements (i.e: Needing to have X down to build, etc…)

Given the official nvidia driver repositories are hosted in I contacted nVidia themselves about the possibility of a version bump.
They told me, instead, that “NVIDIA provides the drivers and OpenSuse chooses what drivers and when to post”. I kind of see that the driver provided is 390 as it’s the long-lived branch, etc… but given the situation with CUDA, I was hoping that 396 could be provided.
Now I don’t quite believe nVidia in this, but in case it IS true, is there any possibility of a 396 RPM package happening? Because after that, packaging CUDA itself is trivial and that’d be the last “fiddly bit” of our setup and, in case it is, is there anything I could do to help this happen?

The driver is build here, maybe you can use it for building your 396 driver:

Hey guys, i just made this account on the forum to be a part of this post.

Thats because i would like to say with our friend VileLasagna that i also need these drivers. I dont know if openSUSE guys are aweare but a new software for games called DXVK (Direct X Vulkan) have been under development and its already a sucess in the Linux gamers community. Maybe you guys already heard of Steam Play? It envolves DXVK, Vulkan, Wine and all of this.

So, what NVIDIA 396.x have to do with this? Simple: its this short-lived driver that have the better support for DXVK. I have been doing some tests myself and it really works better… thats why in the DXVK github developer page he recommends the 396.x driver.

I don’t know why, but some distributions still not support this driver (maybe they are not aware of the importance?) of this forcing gamers to change of distribution. Right now i think that only Arch, Fedora and Ubuntu have this kind of support… so basically 2 bleeding edge distributions and just 1 normal distribution.

For my is quite annoying, because im never satisfied with bleeding-edge only distribution, because i can ever use that ones on my PC, but i cant never recommend it for a begginer… different of openSUSE, witch i can use Tumbleweed on my PC and recommend the Leap for my family and friends. Right now i think the only “normal” distribution with 396 support is Ubuntu, witch i don’t like to use, even Debian don’t support it, since the NVIDIA 396.x drivers on Debian are still locked on experimental stage.

I would like to use openSUSE, i hope they just solve it quickly so i can use this amazing distro and just play my games.

Thanks guys!

I also have to say that some specif games like Rise of Tomb Raider require these drivers for better performance… so its just important for gamers who don’t want to gets a headache.

I’ll have a play with that during this week. Thanks, man. I’ve been using Arch for myself for a few years, so still getting into the guts of OpenSuSE, so to speak =P

Also, Fontan

is there any reason why you’re not using the run script, or this is more from the perspective of recommending the distro to your peeps? I can confirm it’s working fine for us here at work and if you install (and then enable) dkms, you really only have to go through the boot to CLI once. Other than that, <insert why not Antergos here> but I agree, OpenSuSE is a great distro all around, especially for people coming into Linux.

Giving it a try

EDIT And, giving up. Noticed all builds are disabled. In my case they fail.

Not an official pack, but packages I branched and built in my own repo : for Leap 42.3, 15.0 and Tumbleweed. Please let know if they work. I have no NVIDIA based machines to test.

You beat me to it =P

Will do it, thx. Glancing over it looks like you went pretty much the same sort of direction I was planning

I branched Xilanaz’ package, then unlinked it. It builds OK now, but he maybe working on it and break it, since that’s what home: repos are for, breaking stuff without hurting the distro :D. I will not change anything of the configs or sources in the package, it’s more of a temporary solution.

I gave it a go and it seemed to install but drivers didn’t load properly after boot. lsmod and lspci claimed they were there and being used but all the support binaries like nvidia-smi and nvidia-modprobe were gone. Xorg didn’t seem to be properly detecting monitors either, only seeing the main one and on the fallback resolution mode so… eh. It was also a src package so it tried to build itself during install which looked like it didn’t necessarily work at first.

I’ve got some other stuff that’s more urgent but I’m happy to keep looking at this and it would be fantastic for me to get this working so, I’m keen on banging my head against it a little more.

Does anyone here know what’s the best way to work with the OBS repository (or can point me somewhere? A quick glance at the wiki didn’t seem to point me in any specific direction (emphasis on “quick” though))? As I said, this is me getting my feet wet for the first time with this and while I managed to fork the main package with no problem, I just couldn’t easily download a “clone” of all the files and such and it felt like downloading them one by one was not really the way I should be going

Double posting with good news

So I’ve had a chance to give it another go today. Found the tutorials for the OBS, got osc, and understood just enough of things to get it going.
It seems the server can’t/won’t build it as it won’t do the driver fetch step (once again, first time getting to grips with all of these systems =P) but locally the package built nice and easy following the steps from the README.
Caveat that nVidia apparently does not provide the 396 driver for 32 bit, in case anyone was hoping for that, so this is kind of ugly in that sense where it won’t build that one. x86_64 seems to be working just fine here (tested running Unigine Valley and nvidia-smi)

If you still want that package, Fontan, you can build it using osc, but it’ll have to be a local build. Otherwise, 20-series’ impending release seems to be about to open the floods for a new batch of drivers which will make this specific package obsolete in face of the official one.

If the build servers can be made to build this package, I can do the necessary tweaks to get that posted. It’s really good learning.

Thanks a to everyone that pointed me in the right direction to get this done