official opensuse images question


One question, are the official installation images replaced with new updated images every once in a while? Lets say if 11.3 is released, then bugs are discovered which gets fixed or if new important features/updates arrive a few months after the release of 11.3. Will the installation images be replaced by updated images including all these fixes, features and updates? or is it always the same base images that is available, which after installation requires lots of updating?

I believe it is the latter… Updates need to be applied after installing the same base image…

ah ok, but it should be possible to make customized images with suse studio with all these updates ?=)

I do not have much knowledge of SUSE Studio - but I believe it should be possible…

I belive the last time I installed 11.2 it required quite updates. On suseStudio part, one can include even factory repoes, but there’s no 11.3 at the moment(if memory serve well it will be available around one month after official 11.3 release).

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