Official openSUSE-11.2 KDE-4.3.5 Update went well

The forum has been awfully quiet about the massive official update to KDE-4.3.5 (from KDE-4.3.1) on openSUSE-11.2, that I noticed in the Official Update repository today. This is a very big update ( > 300 MBytes download) .

This update has been talked about for a while, and I note it finally here. Perhaps I missed someone else’s post on this?

Anyway, I’ve applied the update to two PCs thus far (a 64-bit and a 32-bit, both now running the “official” KDE-4.3.5) and it appears to be running well.

This is the first time I’ve seen a KDE update hit the 11.2 update repo.

It’s quite an exception, usually ‘update’ only provides backported bugfixes.

Same for me, and I’ve been using SuSE since 7.3, although in my earlier days of using SuSE I did not know very much and I often did not bother with updates and could have missed such an update if there was one then.

I read that the reason for this unprecidented update, was a Novell plan to have both SLED-11 ( ? ) and openSUSE-11.2 keep the exact same KDE version. This is hoped to save on maintenance costs, as they will only have 1 KDE version to maintain, as opposed to having two to maintain, … at least that will be true for the life of openSUSE-11.2 (SLED has a much longer life).

My “wish” is they would do something for the Kernel and other apps, making a SLED version very close to a specific openSUSE version (or visa versa) so that one can have a higher confidence of a SLED version working well with the massive 3rd party repositories that are available for openSUSE versions.

One of the reasons why I won’t buy SLED for my home use, is because the 3rd party support that is available for openSUSE (via Packman and many other repositories) is not there for SLED.

Maybe because openSUSE updater applet has been silent on this as it has on my 64bit 11.2. An update for the updater applet just arrived; applied it; and several more just arrived including kde 4.3.5 update. Your peace may be over… :slight_smile:

The Yast update showed up last night for me, but the KDE update didn’t show up in updates. That needed to be done in Yast, but it went without problems. :slight_smile:

The update for me was remarkably painless and transparent. There have been literally no problems on either of my machines with this update, which is, I think a testament to both KDE’s increasing stability and the capability of the maintainers.

Having been stung in the past by being too eager to get the latest KDE from the STABLE repository, I was very impressed with the quality of this update.

As for what it actually fixes, I’m not so clear, apart from the fact that Dolphin was crashing fairly regularly for me before and now seems ok. I’m sure there are a ton of fixes under the hood, though.

Agreed, having now applied the update on two systems on separate partitions. On the first I forgot to close and reload the updater applet after applying its update, so the following KDE update gave a string of applet errors towards the end. However, it appears to have completed the actual update ok, and no visible flaws so far.

One thing I’ve noticed with the KDE 4.3.5 update:

The RSS Reader, Akregator, still crashes at random intervals for no apparent reason. >:( Just add, delete, or edit a folder or news feed and you’ll see what I mean: the crash dialog. This bug’s been reported from what I could find out.

Solved the problem for the moment by using RSSOwl 2.0.4, a Java app that runs in Linux, Windows, & Mac.

I’ve read some users have had major problems with dolphin crashing in KDE4. … I’m wondering if the same is true in KDE-4.3.5. I have not noticed it thus far, but then I also note I have a rabbits foot when it comes to openSUSE hiccups, so my experiences are often very unrepresentative.


I had the same problem when I first installed OS 11.2 with KDE (4.2?, or whatever it came with - I don’t remember now. :slight_smile: ) I still use the Midnight Commander in a terminal for roaming the file systems most of the time, but Krusader works well too.

I think (although I can’t be 100% sure) that Dolphin started crashing randomly in 4.3.1 only after I’d enabled nepomuk. Since the update to 4.3.5, I have not had a single issue. This has been the most stable KDE4 installation yet.

I’ve been reviewing hundreds of videos from my last vacation, using dolphin to launch them one at a time, review, and then close the video. Every now and then I have noticed dolphin closing after I close the video application (prior to opening the next video) and I have not figured out yet if it was a dolphin bug or an oldcpu faux-pas. I did catch myself once immediately closing dolphin after closing a video application, when that was not my intention. I closed dolphin so quickly, I was not even consciously aware of doing it until I paused for a second and asked myself - what am I doing ?? :X For some reason, I have an ingrained automatic reaction (that I need to fight) to close dolphin after I close an application !!

… but its possible there is still a bug in dolphin with un-expected closures. I just can’t be certain yet, due to my own carelessness/bad habits.

Yes, my update(s) of KDE to 4.3.5 also went well but there still appears to be a couple of glitches in the software. I wonder if anybody can reproduce the following:

(1) log on to an openSUSE 11.2, KDE4 desktop as an ordinary user.

(2) open a Konsole as an ordinary user [so via the classic menu this is Green-button - System - Terminal - Konsole (Terminal)].

(3) verify the ordinary Konsole is running by typing some garbage in at the command prompt.

(4) open another Konsole as a super user [so via the classic menu this is Green-button - System - Terminal - Terminal - Super User Mode]

(5) verify both the ordinary and super Konsoles are running by typing some garbage in their the command prompts.

(6) shutdown the super Konsole by clicking on the ‘x’ at the top right of the window or using Ctrl-Shift-Q.

(7) observe that the ordinary Konsole has now crashed since nothing can be typed into the command prompt and clicking on the ‘x’ at the top right of the windows has no effect.

(8) Deduce bug.

However, if the second Konsole is an ordinary Konsole, then clicking on the ‘x’ allows the first Konsole to continue working.

Thinking that it might be something to do with permissions, I reran the test with two ordinary Konsoles and elevating the second to a super Konsole by typing ‘su’ and entering the root password. However, 'x’ing the second (now super) Konsole still allowed the first (ordinary) Konsole to continue running.

If you go back to the first test and close the super Konsole, by typing ‘exit’ followed by [enter], then the ordinary Konsole survives.

This bug occurs on both an x86 and an x86_64 version of openSuse 11.2, so it appears to be reproducible.

Can anybody else confirm this? Thanks.

I can reproduce that crash (on KDE-4.3.5) !! Good catch !

I confess I would never open a konsole via those methods (I have a konsole on my desktop that I ‘just click’ on) but never the less, that bug should be squashed. Perhaps you could raise a bug report on it ? Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE

OK, thanks a lot oldcpu for confirming that bug. I will get around to posting a report to Suse shortly.

Actually the scenario for the crash, I outlined, was just to make sure any user could reproduce it with the standard Suse KDE setup. I do, in fact, launch my terminals from the ‘Konsole Profiles’ widget on the taskbar and that can also reproduce the same bug.